A mission to travel to every country in the world, while promoting peace through service to others.


Who We Are

Peace Stamps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Peace Stamps promotes cultural empathy by making a positive difference through your travels.

Our Mission

Peace Stamps strives to  support individuals to pursue their traveling goals.  Peace Stamps encourages travelers to give back during their journeys by volunteering, teaching, promoting conservation and sustainability, or making any positive difference.

The Goals of Peace Stamps

1. Promote Cultural Empathy by making a positive difference through your travels

The first goal of the Peace Stamps mission is Cultural Empathy.  Cultural Empathy is defined simply as having the ability to appreciate and be considerate of the similarities and differences of other cultures.  Culturally empathetic people have the ability to tolerate other cultures different than their own.  At Peace Stamps we strive to encourage others to embrace other cultures through travel by immersing themselves in the culture.  Cultural immersion can be achieved simply through engaging in conversation with locals.  At Peace Stamps, we pursue cultural immersion through volunteer opportunities, which puts us out into the community, engaging with locals.  We primarily pursue short term volunteer opportunities in as many countries as possible to promote cultural immersion and giving back.  Our volunteer work ranges from animal welfare to feeding the hungry to conservation and sustainability.

We find that volunteering is a two way street for cultural empathy.  Many people around the world do not have the opportunity to leave their country, so if their one interaction with an individual is a positive one, the world is headed in the right direction towards World Peace.

2. A majority of people in the world are good and want world peace

While there is constant negativity displayed in the media, Peace Stamps wants to prove to the world that there are more good people.  We believe the majority of the world yearns for World Peace like you and me.

3. Pursue your passions

At Peace Stamps, we believe World Peace starts with each individual human being.  By doing what makes us happy, we contribute to a happier world in general!  We believe happiness stems from pursuing our passions.  The passion of Peace Stamps is making a positive difference through travels!

To take it a step farther, we want you pursue your passions and persevere over any obstacles.  If you are truly passionate about something, do not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams!