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Loveland woman promotes peace, goodwill across the globe

cincinnati enquirer, chuck gibson

Katelyn Jarvis graduated from Loveland High School in 2010, earned a degree in finance from the University of Cincinnati, and went to work in the banking industry. Early in 2017, she decided to do more.


One stamp at a time

stories from the natlantic, svavar jónatansson

A podcast with Iceland Native Svavar Jónatansson. Katelyn discusses her ultimate goals through Peace Stamps and how she has been inspired along the way.


Destination 193 – Episode 12: “Country #100: Iraq”

destination 193, randy "Ramblin' randy" williams

R Dub wanted his 100th country to be different, special and downright insane, so he chose the most extreme destination he could think of: Iraq. Just getting in was hard. In this season finale, R Dub explains how his quest to see all 193 countries began, how he was able to get in to Iraq, and what his 48 hours in Iraq entailed: from his security, to the food, exploring the ancient sites of Babylon and wandering the corridors of Saddam Hussein’s former palace. Fasten your seatbelt… we’re going to Iraq!


Young Alumna Combines World Travel and Volunteerism

university of cincinnati alumna association, keith stichtenoth

We’re all used to hearing those two words as the pinnacle of common human desire. It’s what most of us would wish for if we could selflessly wave a magic wand and have just one thing come true. But on a planet with such pronounced differences between its many peoples, what would it take to actually achieve the ultimate goal?